Thursday, July 20, 2006

Masturbate-A-Thon 2006

Att runka i England är likställt annan "alternativ kultur"...Följ länken till Masturbate-A-Thon som går av stapeln i London den 5 Augusti. Jag måste bara dela med mig av "instruktionerna" [nedan], det är där man märker att man är i England.....jag skrattar fortfarande. Kanske ens mest "personliga" - kategoriserat, reglerat, avvägt, inringat och katalogiserat. Nån som kommer ihåg Terry Gillian's "Brazil"....
As they say "cum and go"..... :-D

"What to expect at the Masturbate-a-Thon.
First you'll find the door at 398 11th St near Harrison St. It is directly across the street from Glass Block Design company, which is next door to the DNA Lounge. The door person will check your ID (18 and over ONLY), and then you can proceed upstairs to the second floor. At the main door please present your pledge sheet. If you are pledged, entry is free. If you are not pledged, your entry fee is $20.00 (more is fine) and you must fill out a pledge sheet with some amount pledged per minute. (That is, you will be pledging yourself at a minimum of $20 if you have not arranged for someone else to pledge you. If you wish to pledge yourself for more than $20, it's fine... in fact, it is encouraged!) We ask that you wear clothing (or lack thereof) that you feel sexy and comfortable in; we provide a secure clothes check and a dressing area. Only event attendees may enter the dressing area.
If you just want to watch there is a watching area with chairs. You are allowed access to the toilet area and the food lounge. Watching is $50.00, and there is limited seating. Why is watching more than the basic entry fee? Simple! It's National Masturbation Month, and we wish to encourage masturbation!
There are four general areas for attendees: Women, Men, Everybody (that is, Mixed/All Gender) and Stage. After checking your street clothes, find your place in the room. The single-gender areas are, obviously, only for people who identify themselves as that gender. The Stage area is for exhibitionists who wish to be photographed or videotaped. The people who want to go in front of any camera MUST sign a release and provide a copy of ID (no exceptions). More about the Stage and the live webcast below.
Once you are settled in we will assign a monitor to you. Any monitor we provide is trained in human sexuality and will be comfortable with any questions you may have. They are your resource for the event. They will maintain your time sheet and determine minutes for your pledgers. If you would like to be considered for the "Most Orgasms" category, be sure to tell your monitor (or bring a friend or partner to keep track for you). We provide a clean, padded enviroment with some couches and chairs. Places to lie back are all around the room. If you are gender-shy there are single-gender-only areas designated for your comfort. Fresh sheets are available for the asking. Check with your monitors.
Some food and drink will be available in the lounge. People on break are allowed primary use of the lounge area. We make an effort to provide a safe area for everyone to be there. If you become disruptive, break the posted house rules, or touch anyone without permission, you will be asked to leave. This is a no-alcohol, no-drugs event. If you need such thing to have sex you might want to examine whether you are having a problem with drugs and or alcohol. If you hope for a boost to get your nerve up, remember that you can always respect your own comfort level and participate from home. And if you were planning to try to break the time record with the help of speed, please don't. Look at all the controversy barry Bonds is dealing with right now. We'd like our sexual athletes, too, to achieve their feats naturally.
Couples ask us whether they can participate together: the answer is absolutely yes. Does this mean they can masturbate each other? Please keep that to a minimum and keep your hands primarily on yourselves. Masturbation is solo sex, and when you have your hands on your partner's genitals, that goes by another name: partner sex. If you do not wish to masturbate and are instead looking for a venue for public sex with your sweetie, ask us about those options. The Masturbate-a-Thon is about masturbation for a reason, and we want everyone who attends to help us send the message that masturbation is a positive erotic alternative, good for you, and just plain pleasurable!
About the on-line/camera portion of the event: There is a designated camera area, and only approved cameras are allowed. All cameras in use must be pointed at either the stage, the ceiling or at the operator's feet. No exceptions. NO CELL PHONES -- NO CAMERAS -- NO EXCEPTIONS. Any use of a non-approved camera (still or video) by anyone will be considered a violation of privacy and the camera operator shall be required to surrender memory for reformat or or film for open light exposure prior to the operator being ejected. We insist the general area of the floor remain safe for the public to occupy without any violations of their privacy. Anyone who wishes to be on-camera or online must sign a release for the material to the stage area staff and the producer of the material. Legal names much be used on the release, and your legal ID will be required. Your image may be used in two main ways: on our live webcast, and by members of the media who are onsite covering the Masturbate-a-Thon for their magazines, websites, TV channels, etc. These people will also have releases for your to sign. Do NOT sign a release and enter the Stage area unless you are comfortable with your image being used publicly in some way. Just for clarification: There is only one area in the room in which cameras will be in use. Please do not go in that area unless you are approved by staff at the stage desk. If you wish to be a photographer, you must be pre-approved with a letter of assignment or bring a valid press pass with you. Again -- NO EXCEPTIONS."


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