Thursday, September 29, 2005

My shopping list

I was pondering not to do this "Sylvie Fleurie" stunt, but what the hell.

1. A very big scarf from David Meyer (that Italian genius)
2. Vintage shoes by Wayne Hemingway...I love those "Hovercraft" snowshoes.
3. A gigantic bottle of ODEUR 71, by Cd'G. I will lick your feet Rei, where ever you go....!
4. A new herbal aftershave toner from Kiehl's......Why can't someone set up a franchise in Scando?
5. Another pair of suede wormies from Red Tape......with love for the box too...
6. White plain fine cotton shirt from Stenströms....simple and effective.
7. A box of "1 week" chocolates from Witamer (Brussels)....can't buy anywhere else...bring pls.
8. The complete Catalogue Raisonné of Picasso, by Christian $ 55.000.....YES..!
9. The grey pebblestone carpet by Nina Marcini in virgin wool....someone else carry to me though.
10. The steel "Calatrava" watch from 1946 by Patek Philippe....with black lizard strap from 'Ohm'.

Sylvie can keep the shopping bags....I keep the goodies!!!


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